10% of all sales in 2020 will be divided among the following non-profits...

Donations Made


Items Sold


To Be Donated


  • Shirts Sold are based on orders that have been completed (processed and fulfilled).
  • Returned orders will be considered an incomplete order and thus not be accounted for.
  • Donation total is based on per item price excluding taxes and shipping.
  • Donation (in USD) will be made through the recipient’s website at the end of the promotion period.

Do you have a non-profit organization that you'd like us to donate to?

Please do tell us, we just ask that the organization:

  • Be directly related to or support Autism causes.
  • Be a 501 (c)(3) exempt organization.
  • Able to receive donations online.
  • Ideally be a small or regional non-profit that could really use the donation.

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